Structure & Function of the Body - Softcover book cover

Structure & Function of the Body - Softcover

The 13th edition of this bestselling textbook continues to offer superior anatomy and physiology instruction with a focus on the normal structure and function of the body. It features an exceptional straightforward writing style that makes it easier to learn all the core A&P information you need to know. Building on the solid foundation of previous editions, this book adds a visual emphasis with realistic animations on a companion CD-ROM and A Clear View of the Human Body, a full-color, semi-transparent insert that shows the body in layers.

Paperback, 640 Pages

Published: October 2007

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-04966-5


  • 1. An Introduction to the Structure and Function of the Body

    NEW! A Clear View of the Human Body

    2. Chemistry of Life

    3. Cells and Tissues

    4. Organ Systems of the Body

    5. The Integumentary System and Body Membranes

    6. The Skeletal System

    7. The Muscular System

    8. The Nervous System

    9. The Senses

    10. The Endocrine System

    11. Blood

    12. The Circulatory System

    13. The Lymphatic System and Immunity

    14. The Respiratory System

    15. The Digestive System

    16. Nutrition and Metabolism

    17. The Urinary System

    18. Fluids and Electrolyte Balance

    19. Acid-Base Balance

    20. The Reproductive Systems

    21. Growth and Development

    Appendix A Body Mass Index

    Appendix B Common Medical Abbreviations, Prefixes, and Suffixes

    Chapter Test Answers



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