Structural Geology book cover

Structural Geology

The Mechanics of Deforming Metamorphic Rocks

Structural Geology is a groundbreaking reference that introduces you to the concepts of nonlinear solid mechanics and non-equilibrium thermodynamics in metamorphic geology, offering a fresh perspective on rock structure and its potential for new interpretations of geological evolution.

This book stands alone in unifying deformation and metamorphism and the development of the mineralogical fabrics and the structures that we see in the field. This reflects the thermodynamics of systems not at equilibrium within the framework of modern nonlinear solid mechanics. The thermodynamic approach enables the various mechanical, thermal, hydrological and chemical processes to be rigorously coupled through the second law of thermodynamics, invariably leading to nonlinear behavior. The book also differs from others in emphasizing the implications of this nonlinear behavior with respect to the development of the diverse, complex, even fractal, range of structures in deformed metamorphic rocks.

Building on the fundamentals of structural geology by discussing the nonlinear processes that operate during the deformation and metamorphism of rocks in the Earth's crust, the book's concepts help geoscientists and graduate-level students understand how these processes control or influence the structures and metamorphic fabrics-providing applications in hydrocarbon exploration, ore mineral exploration, and architectural engineering.


Primary audience includes geologists, economic and petroleum geologists, mineralogists and exploration geoscientists globally conducting research in hydrocarbon exploration and structural geology.

Secondary audience includes upper undergraduate and graduate students in the geosciences taking courses in structural geology, mineralogy, and hydrocarbon exploration.

Hardbound, 550 Pages

Published: September 2014

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-12-407820-8


  • Part A: The Mechanics of Deformed Rocks
    Part B: Processes involved in the development of geological structures
    Part C: Feedback between the processes operating during deformation
    Part D: The development of geological structures
    Appendix A: Vector and Tensor algebra
    Appendix B: Mathematical relations
    Appendix C: A history of thermodynamics relevant to deformed metamorphic rocks
    Appendix D: Notation, units and conventions


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