Structural Alloys for Nuclear Energy Applications book cover

Structural Alloys for Nuclear Energy Applications

From the multi-award winning editorial team of G. Robert Odette (UCSB) and Steve Zinkle (ORNL), and with a contributor board drawn exclusively from the leaders of each alloy discipline, Structural Alloys for Nuclear Energy Applications instructs the current and next generations of researchers and industry staff on the behavior of steels and nickel-base alloys for nuclear energy applications. The book covers phenomenon including fatigue, deformation, and embrittlement, as well as materials topics such as advanced ODS steels, RAFM steels for fusion, computational design of nuclear structural materials, and much more.

Distilling valuable archival information for international researchers in the field of radiation effects on structural materials, this full-color reference is a critical resource for graduate students and institutional staff at this time of pivotal change in the nuclear industry.


Nuclear materials researchers at research laboratories, academic institutions, nuclear waste management and fuel reprocessing organizations

Hardbound, 486 Pages

Published: August 2014

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-12-397046-6


  • Introduction and Overview

    Radiation resistant austenitic stainless steels

    Void swelling and irradiation creep

    Development advanced melt processed TMS alloys

    Creep and creep-fatigue of reactor structural materials

    Low temperature deformation and fracture of irradiated steels

    High temperature helium embrittlement in steels

    RPV pressure vessels, embrittlement and life extension

    Advanced pressure boundary steels


    LWR internals

    ODS steels for fast reactor cladding applications

    Advanced ODS steels

    Non aqueous corrosion and compatibility

    Welding and joining

    Status and prospects for advanced bainitic, martensitic & ferritic steels

    Fabrication challenges for fusion structures

    RAFM steels for fusion

    TMS for advanced reactor cladding

    Steels for advanced fission reactor internal applications

    Status of advanced irradiation tolerant steels

    Computational design of nuclear structural materials

    Alloys for accelerator driven systems

    Ni based alloys for LWR steam generators and high temperature reactor applications


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