Strategies and Tactics in Organic Synthesis

Volume 2

Edited by

  • Thomas Lindberg, G. D. Searle Research and Development

This is a unique account of the synthesis of organic molecules. All of the contributors are acknowledged experts in organic synthesis.
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Chemists interested in organic synthesis (both academic and commercial). Graduate students in organic chemistry.


Book information

  • Published: December 1988
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-450281-9


"Each author has done a commendable job of bringing the reader into a sense of real interaction with the particular research effort....This book should be read in its entirety by serious students of organic synthesis, which is to say, serious students of organic chemistry."

"...This second volume is as good, or better, than the first. I can strongly recommend it to all who are interested in synthetic chemistry..."
--Derek H.R. Barton, Nobel Laureate for Chemistry

Table of Contents

D.L. Boger, Diels*b1Alder Reactions of Heterocyclic Azadienes: Development of a Strategy for the Total Synthesis of Streptonigrin, Lavendamycin, and Synthetic Quinoline-5,8-Quinones. S.D. Burke, Studies in Sesquiterpene Synthesis: (+-)-Quadrone (+)-Phyllanthocin. T.A. Engler, The Total Synthesis of Retigeranic Acid. B. Fraser-Reid and R. Tsang, Carbocycles from Carbohydrates: The "Annulated Sugar" Approach. P. Helquist, *gd-Valerolactone Annulation: Application to the Total Synthesis of Quadrone. P.A. Jacobi, The Total Synthesis of Saxitoxin. M.E. Jung, Problem Solving in Organic Synthesis: The False Steps, Failed Pathways, and Ultimately Successful Route to the Bottom Half of Ivermectin. A.P. Kozikowski and M.N. Greco, Synthesis of the Indole Alkaloid *ga-Cyclopiazonic Acid (*gaCA) by Two Sulfur-Mediated Reactions: Discovery of a Useful Diorganozinc Reaction. S.F. Martin, A Unified Strategy for the Synthesis of Alkaloids of the Yohimboid, Heteroyohimboid, and Corynantheioid Families. W.R. Roush, Evolution of a Strategy for the Synthesis of Olivomycin A: Development of Methodology for the Diastereo- and Enantioselective Synthesis of Carbohydrates from Acyclic Precursors. A.B. Smith III and B.D. Dorsey, Evolution of a Synthetic Strategy, Part II: Total Synthesis of (-)-Casbene and (-)-Bertyadionol. D.D. Sternbach, A New Strategy for the Synthesis of Polyquinanes. D.R. Williams, Explorations toward Pseudomonic Acid C. Each chapter includes references. Index.