Strategic Performance Management

Leveraging and Measuring your Intangible Value Drivers


  • Bernard Marr, Chief Executive and Director of Research, The Advanced Performance Institute. Bernard Marr is one of the world's leading experts on strategic performance management. In this capacity he has advised and worked with many leading organizations including Accenture, Astra Zeneca, the Bank of England, and Barclays.

This book is about strategic performance management for the Twenty-First Century organization. In a practical step-by-step approach it navigates readers though the identification, measurement, and management of the strategic value drivers as enables of superior performance. Using many real life case examples this book outlines how organizations can visualize their value creation, design relevant and meaningful performance indicators to assess performance, and then use them to extract real management insights and improve everyday strategic decision making as well as organizational learning. A key focus of the book is the important issue of creating value from intangible assets. Much has been written about the importance of intangible assets such as knowledge, skills, relationships, culture, practices, routines, and intellectual property as levers for organisational success. However, little has been published that tells managers how to do that. This book moves beyond just raising awareness and provides practical tools and templates, gathered in many extensive case studies with world-leading organizations. The key issues the book addresses are: • How do we identify the strategic value drives, especially the intangibles, in our organisations? • How do we understand their strategic value using the powerful mapping tools?• How do we then measure the business performance? • How do we use performance indicators to improve decision making and organisational learning? • How do we align performance reviews and risk management with our strategy?Well grounded in theory and packed with case studies from around the world, this book will function as a guide for managers as well as a reference work for students and researchers. The tools described in this book are not only suitable for leading international corporations, but have been designed to be equally appropriate for not-for-profit organizations, central and local government institutions, small and medium sized businesses, and even departments and business units. The ideas, tools, and templates provided allow managers to apply them straight away and transform the way they manage strategic performance at all levels of their organization.
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Finance Managers and Directors, Strategy Managers and Directors, HR Managers and Directors.Academics, Libraries, Business Schools, Post-graduates in business and management studies.


Book information

  • Published: March 2006
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-6392-2


"Bernard Marr's latest book is an immensely valuable management handbook as well as a great read! The approach he takes in Strategic Performance Management is accessible to anyone. The book includes tools, anecdotes, helpful hints and tips, and some fascinating case studies, making it a very practical guide for managers hoping to transform the performance of their businesses." Jocelyn Blackwell, Managing Director, Higham Group plc In "Strategic Performance Management" Bernard Marr provides trenchant insights into how organizations can design and use metrics to help maintain their dynamic capabilities in rapidly changing environments. The book is well written and will be insightful for both academic and executive audiences at the senior level. David Teece, Professor of Business Administration, Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley "By skilfully blending research insights and real life experience, Bernard Marr takes the reader on a journey through concepts, tools and methodologies which enable managers to develop and execute value driven strategies. He succeeds in creating a structured and straightforward approach that will help managers at all levels of any organization to become strategy focused leaders" Fredrik Wastenson, President and CEO, Prodacapo AB "Bernard Marr?s work on value driver mapping at Novo Nordisk has been remarkably valuable. It allowed us to make transparent the impact of our intangible heritage (Triple Bottom Line business principle and Novo Nordisk Way of Management) on our overall business performance. It also enabled us to include indicators for our intangible performance drivers in our strategic planning and performance monitoring. I strongly recommend this book as a practical and inspirational tool to improve your strategic performance management" Hanne Schou-Rode, Vice President, Business Strategy & Governance, Novo Nordisk A/S "Many organizations are still struggling to identify and manage the value d

Table of Contents

Introduction - Intangible Assets in Today's Business Landscape; Identifying the Key Value Drivers - Intangible Assets Map; Visualising and Communicating Intangibles - Mapping Them; Measuring Business Performance of Intangibles; Reporting and Disclosing Intangibles; Taking Action and Delivering Value - Case Studies.