Strategic Management

Global Cultural Perspectives for Profit and Non-Profit Organizations


  • Marios Katsioloudes, Professor of Management, School of Business and Management, American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Strategic Management has a unique approach goes beyond the traditional application for the for profit sector to address issues for the non-profit sector. It is the only graduate-level text that approaches strategic management from a global cultural perspective.
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Strategic Planning, Strategic Management on Business Policy and International Management courses


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  • Published: February 2006
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-7966-4


"Professor Katsioloudes has demonstrated once again why he is one of the world’s most gifted scholars in the field of strategic management. His book conveys some of the most complex concepts of global business strategy in a clear and readily comprehensible manner. His emphasis on the role of culture and diversity sets this book apart from others in the field. Business leaders around the globe, including those future leaders still in the classroom, will find insights and answers to inscrutable questions that challenge contemporary managers." -- William J. McDevitt, Esq., J.D., Chair & Associate Professor, Saint Joseph's University "Katsioloudes effectively relates the importance of strategic planning to a wide audience and provides a framework for understanding how to effectively align individual actions with organizational goals and changes in the environment. A fine mix of theory and pragmatism." -- Brian A. Weiss, Director of Marketing, ARAMARK Facility Services, Business and Industry "New communication and information technologies, new governance and regulatory institutions, and new business models have largely overtaken the traditional country-specific transformation-oriented organization. The new business models go beyond transformation efficiency to include interaction efficiency, where the interactions of interest encompass global supply chains and empowered consumer groups. Global markets and new forms of contracting are supporting outsourcing, unbundling, contract manufacturing and a variety of other forms of extended value constellations. Against this background, Marios Katsioloudes frames the problem of Global Strategic Planning. He does so for both profit and non-profit organizations, emphasizing the critical links of strategic planning to learning, corporate culture and leadership. In the process, Katsioloudes has provided an important, readable and comprehensive synthesis on the structure and execution of strategic planning for the new economy, which should stimulate both students and practitioners alike." -- Paul R. Kleindorfer, Anheuser Busch Professor of Management Science, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania "Whilst Dr Katsiouloudes’s main audience seem to be students of ‘Strategic Management’, nevertheless this book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date ‘refresher’ for middle management seeking out a supplementary educational baseline on the subject matter whilst transitioning into senior management role whereby a thorough understanding of Strategic Management from a practitioner’s perspective would be essential and beneficial in equal measures." -- M.Massouleh BSc MBA MCMI, Managing Director, ANOUSHAA Limited Packed with valuable insights and techniques, Strategic Management is a good read. Most texts in this category are simply overwhelming. Katsioloudes does a good job of not smothering the reader.- Quality Progress, Tim Knight, Evergreen Park, IL

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Strategic Planning Process (SPP)Chapter 2: Contemporary Issues In the Strategic Planning Process (SPP)Chapter 3: External Strategic AuditChapter 4: Internal Strategic AuditChapter 5: Strategic Options -Corporate LevelChapter 6: Strategic Choice Options - Business and Functional LevelsChapter 7: Implementing Strategies in the Business and Functional LevelsChapter 8: Evaluation and Control in Strategic PlanningChapter 9: A Strategic Planning Process (SPP) Model for the Nonprofit SectorChapter 10: Strategic Marketing For The Public And The Non-Profit SectorsChapter 11: A Framework of Global Strategic PlanningChapter 12: Doing Business With Newly Emerging Market (NEM) Economies