STM and SFM in Biology book cover

STM and SFM in Biology

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Published: July 1993

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-474500-1


  • O. Marti, Scanning Probe Microscopy: An Introduction. Stm in Biology: M. Amrein, H. Gross, And R. Guckenberger, Stm of Proteins and Membranes. M.J. Miles and T.J. Mcmaster, Protein Assemblies and Single Molcules Imaged By Stm. D.P.E Smith and J.E. Frommer, Ordered Organic Monolayers Studied By Tunneling Microscopy. S.M. Lindsay and N.J. Tao, Potentiostatic Deposition of Molecules for Scanning Probe Microscopy. P.G. Arscott and V.A. Bloomfield, Stm of Dna and Rna. Sfm in Biology: H.J. Aspell, J. Colchero, A. Linder, And O. Marti, Investigation of the Nak Atpase By Scanning Force Microscopy. J.K. Horber, W. Haberle, F. Ohnesorge, And G. Binnig, Investigation of Living Cells in Nanometer Region. Chapter References. Index.


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