Stationary Fuel Cells: An Overview book cover

Stationary Fuel Cells: An Overview

Fuel cells are, according to some, the answer to the future problems of energy resources. Rather than solve those problems alone, they will doubtless form part of a growing group of alternative energy sources such as wind, tidal, photovoltaic and nuclear sources which will reduce our dependence on oil. Stationary fuel cells are the kind used mainly for home, office and large-scale power plants. For those seeking a current overview of stationary fuel cells, their status and applications, market developments, market players, economics and future potential, this is where to look. Not a purely engineering textbook, it is designed to provide potential adopters of fuel cells with the information needed to make sensible decisions, and as such it is unique.

Energy auditors, applications managers, service engineers, building engineers, renewable enrgy specialists, chemical engineers, consultants, architects

Hardbound, 152 Pages

Published: November 2007

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-08-045118-3


  • 1. Introduction 2. The Fuel Cell Home 3. UPS and Backup Power 4. Large Stationary/ Backup Plants 5. Government and NGO Support Programmes 6. Government Policies and the Geopolitics of Fuel Choice 7. Lead Markets 8. Future Developments


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