Starch: Basic Science to Biotechnology

Edited by

  • Mirta Sivak, The Starch Bio-Engineering Group, Michigan State University
  • Jack Preiss, The Starch Bio-Engineering Group, Michigan State University

Series Editor:

  • Steve Taylor, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE, USA

This volume presents the physiological and biochemical aspects of storage carbohydrates, or starch granules, in plants. This up-to-date and thorough resource carefully integrates fundamental knowledge with the most recent information on the starch granule. It discusses the chemistry of the starch granule and the biochemistry, molecular biology, plant physiology, and genetics of plant starch synthesis. The books also describes the implications of these studies for theseed, biotechnology, and modified starch industries.
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Researchers and graduate students in food science and nutrition.


Book information

  • Published: July 1998
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-016441-7


" extremely informative volume that is of benefit to individuals with research interests in starch science." —CARBOHYDRATE POLYMERS "Recommended to all biochemists, chemists, food scientists, nutritionists, and others seriously interested in analysis." —FOOD TECHNOLOGY "This series will undoubtedly remain a major reference for some years to come." —FOOD AND DRUG RESEARCH

Table of Contents

Preface. Abbreviations. Acknowledgments. Occurrence of Starch. Physico-Chemical Structure of the Starch Granule. The Biosynthetic Reactions of Starch Synthesis. ADPglucose Pyrophosphorylase. Starch Synthases. Branching Enzymes.The Site of Starch Synthesis in Non-Photosynthetic Plant Tissues. Regulation of the Starch Biosynthetic Pathway: Targets for Biotechnology. Starch Accumulation in Photosynthetic Cells. Starch Degradation. Industrial Applications of Starch.