SQL: 1999

Understanding Relational Language Components


  • Jim Melton, Oracle Corporation, Sandy, Utah.
  • Alan Simon

This book is the best way to make the leap from SQL-92 to SQL:1999, but it is much more than just a simple bridge between the two. The latest from celebrated SQL experts Jim Melton and Alan Simon, SQL:1999 is a comprehensive, eminently practical account of SQL's latest incarnation and a potent distillation of the details required to put it to work. Written to accommodate both novice and experienced SQL users, SQL:1999 focuses on the language's capabilities, from the basic to the advanced, and the ways that real applications take advantage of them. Throughout, the authors illustrate features and techniques with clear and often entertaining references to their own custom database, which can be downloaded from the companion Web site.
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Database administrators, novice and experienced SQL users.


Book information

  • Published: May 2001
  • ISBN: 978-1-55860-456-8

Table of Contents

Preface Chapter 1 - Database and Technology Foundations Chapter 2 - Introduction to SQL:1999 Chapter 3 - Basic Table Creation and Data Manipulation Chapter 4 - Basic Data Definition Language Chapter 5 - Values, Basic Functions and Expressions Chapter 6 - Advanced Value Expressions Chapter 7 - Predicates Chapter 8 - Working with Multiple Tables Chapter 9 - Advanced SQL Query Expressions Chapter 10 - Constraints, Assertions, and Referential Integrity Chapter 11 - Active Databases Chapter 12 - Accessing SQL From the Real World Chapter 13 - Cursors Chapter 14 - Privileges, Users, and Security Chapter 15 - Transaction Management Chapter 16 - Connections and Remote Database Access Chapter 17 - Routines and Routine Invocations Chapter 18 - Dynamic SQL: 1999 Chapter 19 - Call-Level Interface Chapter 20 - Diagnostics and Error Management Chapter 21 - Internationalization Aspects of SQL: 1999 Chapter 22 - Information Schema Chapter 23 - A Look to the Future Appendix A - Designing SQL:1999 Databases Appendix B - An SQL:1999 Application Example Appendix C - The SQL:1999 Annexes Appendix D - Relevant Standards Bodies Appendix E - Status Codes Appendix F - The SQL Standardization Process