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SQL Clearly Explained

SQL Clearly Explained, 3rd Edition details the release of the SQL standard (SQL:2008), including two sets of extensions to support object-relational databases and XML. NEW chapters include coverage of the relational data model, relational algebra, SQL object-relational support, triggers and stored procedures, as well as XML. This expanded edition is packed with tips, tricks and other vital information for working with SQL.


This book is intended for working SQL programmers, database administrators, database designers, database analysts, and application system developers as well as those who are developing new features for database management systems who want to know about user needs. This would include anyone working with electronic content in the relational database context but also XML. Web services, etc.

Paperback, 480 Pages

Published: April 2010

Imprint: Morgan Kaufmann

ISBN: 978-0-12-375697-8


  • "This book functions as a very good tutorial, taking you from the basics through expert topics in a very straightforward manner."--Bill Arledge, Consulting DB2 Product Manager

    "SQL Clearly Explained is one of those rare books that delivers 100 percent what its title promises. If you need to use SQL on the job, and who doesn't, then this book should be on your desk."--Craig S. Mullins, DB2 Consultant and IBM Information Champion, Mullins Consulting, Inc.

    "This book is of great value to SQL practitioners. It also makes an excellent college-level text."--Rudy Limeback, SQL Consultant, r937.com


  • Preface
    Chapter 1: The Relational Data Model
    Chapter 2: Relational Algebra
    Chapter 3: Introduction to SQL
    Chapter 4: Simple SQL Retrieval
    Chapter 5: Retrieving Data from More Than One Table
    Chapter 6: Advanced Retrieval Operations
    Chapter 7: Working With Groups of Rows
    Chapter 8: Data Modification
    Chapter 9: Schemas and Tables
    Chapter 10: Views, Temporary Tables, CTEs, and Indexes
    Chapter 11: Keeping the Design Up to Date
    Chapter 12: Users and Access Rights
    Chapter 13: Users, Sessions, and Transaction Control
    Chapter 14: Writing and Executing SQL Routines and Modules-Triggers and Stored Procedures
    Chapter 15: Embedded SQL
    Chapter 16: Dynamic SQL
    Chapter 17: XML Support
    Chapter 18: The Object-Relational Data Model
    Chapter 19: Object-Relational Support
    Appendix A: Common Acronyms and Abbreviations
    Appendix B: SQLSTATE Return Codes
    Appendix C: SQL Syntax Summary
    Appendix D: SQL:2006 Core Features


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