Sports Medicine book cover

Sports Medicine

A Comprehensive Approach

This popular title presents complete, one-stop information on the management of sports injuries. Ideal for physicians who have not specialized in sports medicine, it offers all of the practical guidance needed to diagnose sports-related injuries...treat them in the ambulatory care setting, if possible...and refer them to a specialist, if necessary. This 2nd Edition includes brand-new coverage of the female athlete and the older athlete, plus many other updates to address a full range of current issues in sports medicine.

Orthopedists, Residents, Fellows, Athletic Trainers, and Primary Care Physicians


Published: August 2004

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-02345-0


  • Section I: General Principles of Sports Medicine

    1. Why Sports Medicine?

    2. Muscle and Exercise Physiology

    3. Preparticipation Physical Evaluation

    4. On-Field Emergencies

    5. Return to Play After Musculoskeletal Injury

    Section II: The Systems

    6. Cardiopulmonary Conditions

    7. Head Trauma

    8. Gastrointestinal System

    9. Genitourinary Injuries

    Section III: Common Injuries

    10. Wound Healing

    11. Dermatologic Conditions

    12. Eye Injuries

    13. Craniofacial Injuries

    14. Dental Injuries

    15. Otorhinolaryngology

    16. The Cervical Spine, Spinal Cord,
    and Brachial Plexus

    17. The Thoracic and Lumbar Spine

    18. The Shoulder

    19. The Elbow and Forearm

    20. The Wrist

    21. The Hand

    22. Pelvis, Hip, and Thigh

    23. Knee Injuries

    24. The Leg

    25. The Foot and Ankle

    Section IV: The Female Athlete

    26. Metabolic Conditions in the Female Athlete

    27. Upper Extremity Injuries in the Female Athlete

    28. Lower Extremity Injuries in the Female Athlete

    29. Spinal Injuries in the Female Athlete

    Section V: The Pediatric Athlete

    30. The Lower Extremity

    31. The Upper Extremity

    32. The Spine

    Section VI: The Older Athlete

    33. Medical Considerations for Sports and Exercise Participation in the Older Athlete

    34. Sports Medicine and Sports Injuries in the Older Population

    Section VII: Sport-Specific Injuries

    35. Basketball Injuries

    36. Baseball Injuries

    37. Football Injuries

    38. Running Injuries

    39. Soccer Injuries

    40. Injuries in Alpine Skiing

    41. Swimming Injuries

    42. Racquet Sports Injuries

    Section VIII: Rehabilitation

    43. Rehabilitation Techniques and Therapeutic Modalities

    44. The Lower Extremity

    45. The Upper Extremity

    46. The Spine

    Section IX: General Information

    47. Nutrition

    48. Fluid Balance

    49. Substance Abuse

    50. Infectious Diseases

    51. Sports Psychology

    52. Sport for the Athlete with a Physical Disability

    Section X: The Team Physician

    53. Credentials and Responsibilities for Team Physicians

    54. Medicolegal Issues

    55. Legal Issues in Sports Medicine



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