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Sports Emergencies

Management Scenarios

The big concern for all Physicians, even in lower profile sporting events, is that they will encounter sport emergencies. The two primary concerns is that there will be mis-management of a life-threatening situation and a limb-threatening situation. In order to allay these anxieties and fears, people attend courses from time to time. However, there is no easily accessible manual or guide that can be scanned before the game, or even during the emergency.What is special about this book is that it is a manual with clear instructions on what to do in a given sports emergency. There are clear instructions on what to do, and, just as importantly, what not to do. Each chapter has a diagrammatic or photographic series of steps that must be taken, accompanied by clear instructions.

Paperback, 256 Pages

Published: May 2010

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-06865-2


  • Foreword
    How to use this book

    Section 1 Before the game 
    1 The coach 
    L Moggan, R F Harrold

    2 The medical team
    C Murray, P O’Neill

    3 The player 
    B Devitt, P Devitt

    4 Come on ref! - role of the referee or official
    F Devitt, Jim O’Byrne

    Section 2 During the game 
    5 The ABC chapter 
    A M Byrne, N Eustace

    6 The collapsed player 
    B Devitt, K Carson

    7 Player immobilization and transfer 
    M J Shelly, A R Poynton

    8 Skin injury 
    A M Byrne, A Byrne

    9 Strains, sprains and tears 
    J Walsh, S J Eustace

    10 Broken bones 
    J Walsh, P J Kenny

    Section 3 Where is the injury? 
    11 Head injuries 
    J S Butler, C Bolger

    12 Facial injuries 
    J S Butler, F Coffey, F Kearns

    13 Neck injuries 
    I Robertson and A R Poynton

    14 Upper limb injuries 
    M H Vioreanu, J H Mullett

    15 Chest problems 
    M H Vioreanu, S P Gaine

    16 Abdominal injuries 
    G O Lawlor, G McEntee

    17 Back and pelvis injuries 
    I Robertson, K Synnott

    18 Lower limb injuries 
    M J Shelly, I P Kelly

    19 Drowning and diving and water sports injuries 
    G Horgan, G C O’Toole

    20 On the mountain 
    J M Queally, D McCormack

    Section 4 After the Game 
    21 Player assessment 
    E Falvey, C McCarthy

    22 Event assessment 
    E Falvey, C McCarthy



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