Sport Exercise and Environmental Physiology book cover

Sport Exercise and Environmental Physiology

This thorough book collates the relationships between exercise and the environment into one efficient volume. The aim of this text is to provide a comprehensive coverage of the environmental influences that impact the individual when exercising or competing in sport. The main environmental factors are considered, and the physiological reactions to discrete environmental stresses are described and methods of adaptation or coping are explained.

Paperback, 256 Pages

Published: September 2004

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-07358-8


  • 1 Exercise and the environment: an ergonomics approach.
    2 Exercise in the heat.
    3 Exercise in the cold.
    4 Altitude stress and hypoxia .
    5 Underwater sports.
    6 The stress of travel .
    7 The effects of space flight .
    8 Air quality .
    9 Noise.
    10 Living and exercising in hostile environments.


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