Sport and Social Capital

Edited by

  • Matthew Nicholson, Associate Professor in Sport Management, School of Human Movement and Sport Sciences, University of Ballarat, Australia
  • Russell Hoye, Associate Professor, School of Tourism and Hospitality, La Trobe University, Australia

Despite the importance of sport as a social, economic and political institution, research into sport and social capital has not been extensive. Sport and Social Capital is the first book to examine this increasingly high profile area in detail. It explores the ways in which sport contributes to the creation, development, maintenance and, in some cases, diminution of social capital. Written by an internationally renowned author team who are leading figures in this area of study, this engaging and far-reaching text brings leading research from around the world into one comprehensively edited volume. Themes covered in the book include: education, gender, policy, community, youth sport, diversity and many more. It is essential reading for sport management, sport development and sport sociology students around the globe and offers fascinating and invaluable insight to interested stakeholders from industry, community and government.
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Primary: Level 3 undergraduates and postgraduates on sports studies, sport management, sport development and sport sociology courses. Secondary: researchers, academics


Book information

  • Published: March 2008
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-8586-3

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Sport and social capital: An introduction by Matthew Nicholson and Russell Hoye; Part I: Concepts and contexts; Chapter 2: Avoiding the numbers game: Social theory, policy and sports role in the art of relationship building by Tim Crabbe; Chapter 3: Sport-in-development: Development for and through sport? by Fred Coalter; Chapter 4: Locating social capital in sport policy by Russell Hoye and Matthew Nicholson; Chapter 5: Narrowing the gap through sport, education and social capital? by Grant Jarvie; Part II: Clubs and community sport organisations; Chapter 6: Community sport networks by Alison Doherty and Katie Misener; Chapter 7: Voluntary sport clubs: The potential for the development of social capital by Chris Auld; Chapter 8: Community sport/recreation members and social capital measures in Sweden and Australia by Kevin Brown; Chapter 9: Volunteering in community sport organisations: Implications for social capital by Graham Cuskelly; Part III: Sport and social capital in action; Chapter 10: Sport’s ambiguous relationship with social capital: The contribution of national governing bodies of sport by Jonathan Long; Chapter 11: Public policies, social capital and voluntary sport by Ørnulf Seippel; Chapter 12: Race equality and sport networks: Social capital links by Kevin Hylton; Chapter 13: Stepping into community? The impact of youth sport volunteering on young people's social capital by Steven Bradbury and Tess Kay; Chapter 14: Soccer and social capital in Australia: Social networks in transition by Daniel Lock, Tracy Taylor and Simon Darcy; Chapter 15: Sport facilities as social capital by Mark S. Rosentraub and Akram Ijla