Sponsorship: For a Return on Investment


  • Guy Masterman, Head of Sports Sciences, University of Northumbria, UK

Sponsorship is both a critical communications tool for sponsors as well as a fundamental revenue stream for rights owners. Market leaders use sponsorship widely and arguably more successfully than any other communications tool to achieve competitive advantage whilst events of all sizes depend on sponsorship just to exist. As the importance of sponsorship has increased the demands of it have risen too. Now sponsors seek measurable return on their investment. Sponsorship: For a Return on Investment provides a unique insight on the use of sponsorship for a return on investment and will appeal to practitioners and undergraduate and postgraduate students alike. It builds a conceptual framework for the development, planning, implementation and evaluation of strategies for sport, arts, music and community sponsorship, and from two perspectives: * For rights owners, the importance of effectively acquiring and then developing a bespoke approach for the recruitment of sponsors for effective sponsorship programmes. * For sponsors, a better understanding of how sponsorship can be used for successful integrated marketing communications. A broad selection of examples and case studies from around the world are provided in order to demonstrate the importance of sponsorship on an international basis.
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Final year undergraduate courses and postgraduate level programmes in sports, leisure and recreation management as well as marketing, marketing communications, hospitality and tourism programmes. Practitioners in the sports, events, leisure and marketing industries. (Industry professionals will find this an essential reference. There are few texts that provide a strategic approach to sponsorship and this book will fill that void.)


Book information

  • Published: July 2007
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-8640-2

Table of Contents

Introduction; Section One: Sponsorship Explained; Chapter 1: The Emergence of Sponsorship; Chapter 2: Sponsorship Defined; Chapter 3: Sponsorship: An integrated communications tool; Section Two: Rights; Chapter 4: Sponsorship Rights; Chapter 5: Endorsement; Chapter 6: The Media and Sponsorship; Chapter 7: Recruiting Sponsors and Developing Sponsorship Programmes; Chapter 8: Selling Sponsorship; Section Three: Successful Sponsorship; Chapter 9: Strategic Management and Integration; Chapter 10: Rights Exploitation; Chapter 11: Evaluation; Chapter 12: Sponsorship Aware!