Spine in Sports book cover

Spine in Sports

The only condensed, full-color reference in the field! Spine in Sports reference includes coverage of general spine fitness/preparation in sports, age related spine changes in the athlete, as well as, sports specific spine disorders/maintenance.


Published: June 2005

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-03574-3


  • Section 1 General spine fitness and preparation for sports
    Chapter 1 Principles of Spine Fitness in the Athlete
    Section 2 Age related changes of the spine in the athlete
    Chapter 2 Common spinal disorders in the young athlete
    Chapter 3 Spine problems in the older athlete
    Section 3 Sports-specific spine disorders and maintenance
    Chapter 4 Running
    Chapter 5 Spine Injuries in Racquet Sports
    Chapter 6 Spine Injuries in Volleyball
    Chapter 7 Biomechanics of Weight Lifting
    Chapter 8 The Spine and Bicycling: New Perspectives
    Chapter 9 Football Injuries
    Chapter 10 Basketball and the Spine
    Chapter 11 Gymnastics and Spine Injuries
    Chapter 12 Sports for Athletes with Physical Disabilities
    Chapter 13 The martial arts: Biomechanical Principles, Injury Prevention, and Rehabilitation


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