Spherical Nanoindentation Stress-Strain Curves book cover

Spherical Nanoindentation Stress-Strain Curves

Applications, Protocols and Data Analysis

Recent advances in data analysis protocols have transformed indentation from being used merely as a qualitative tool for

comparing materials to a rigorous material characterization tool, and a tool for analyzing the stress-strain characteristics

of materials. This book collects and presents all of the important details of the key protocols (many of them recently

developed) for the convenience of engineers and scientists in the materials manufacturing industry, OEMs, research

laboratories, and academic institutions.

Kalidindi and Pathak explain the protocols used in generating indentation stress-strain curves and extracting meaningful

properties from measured load-displacement data in spherical nanoindentation. They also demystify the use of

nanoindentation as a material characterization tool that provides robust quantitative assessment of a material’s

mechanical properties. Materials covered range from metals to biomaterials.

This exploration of nanoindentation includes coverage of:

 The use of new data analysis protocols to establish estimates of mechanical properties from the initial loading

segment in the indentation experiments;

 The potential of characterizing the samples with indentation in conjunction with other structure quantification

techniques in order to establish novel protocols for extracting new information needed to formulate material

constitutive laws at the lower length scales;

 The combined use of orientation imaging microscopy (OIM) and nanoindentation;

 The combined use of Raman spectroscopy and nanoindentation on bio-samples;

 New insights into the buckling response in dense carbon nanotube (CNT) brushes.


R&D-level materials, mechanical

and metallurgical engineering;

academics in the same fields.

Hardbound, 256 Pages

Published: March 2015

Imprint: William Andrew

ISBN: 978-1-4557-7539-2


  • Introduction; Classical Indentation

    Theories and Analyses Methods;

    Spherical Indentation Stress and

    Strain Measures; Experimental

    Protocols; Data Analyses

    Protocols; Applications in Metals in

    Conjunction with Orientation

    Imaging; Applications in Other

    Material Systems; Summary and

    Future Trends


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