Spectrophotometry, Luminescence and Colour; Science & Compliance

Edited By

  • Christopher Burgess, Burgess Consultancy, Durham, UK
  • D.G. Jones, SciOptics Corporation, Orlando, FL, USA

This book contains papers presented at the Second Joint Meeting of the UV Spectrometry Group of the UK and the Council for Optical Radiation Measurements of the USA. Topics included are: compliance and validation in spectrophotometry, advances in spectrophotometric measurements, instrument manufacturers' approaches to compliance, advances in fluorescence techniques and advances in spectrophotometry. The balance of the conference has shifted from the 1986 mix towards more applications but once again the National Laboratories have provided an excellent update on the state-of-the-art in many areas.
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Book information

  • Published: May 1995
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-81718-1


...an important addition to the Analytical Spectroscopy Library. It will no doubt be read by all spectrophotometry and luminescence practitioners and deserves a place on the bookshelves of any analytical laboratory.
The Analyst

...well presented with a consistent format, a wealth of clear diagrams and a thorough index... There is a significant number of advances in analytical spectrophotometry reported in this book and it is recommended as a well presented account of the current state of research in this field.
Analytica Chimica Acta

Table of Contents

Keynote Lecture. Robert Boyle and the birth of analytical spectroscopy (D. Thorburn Burns). Compliance and Validation in Spectrophotometry. Approaches to the validation of spectrophotometers (C. Burgess). Global harmonisation of spectrophotometric standards (D.J. Porter). Advances in spectrophotometric transfer standards at the National Physical Laboratory (J.F. Verrill). Compliance in spectrometry: - Quality assurance of spectrophotometric measurements at NIST (J.J. Hsiah et al.). Advances in Spectrophotometric Measurements. Reference instruments for spectrophotometry at NPL (G.H.C. Freeman). Development of a new reference spectrofluorimeter (J.C. Zwinkels, D.S. Gignac). Development of a new reference spectrofluorimeter at the National Physical Laboratory (J.F. Verrill, D.C. Williams). New instrumentation development at the National Institute of Standards and Technology for spectral diffuse reflectance and transmittance measurement (L.M. Hanssen). Neutral density filter measurements at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (T.R. Gentile et al.). Evaluation of the long-term repeatability of reflectance spectrophotometers (D.C. Rich et al.). The realisation and dissemination of UV source measurement scales in the UK (R. Lambe, T. Goodman). Reflectance spectrophotometry: Balancing diffuse and specular components (H. Hemmendinger). Instrument Manufacturers' Approaches to Compliance. Performance validation in UV-VIS and fluorescence spectroscopy: it meets specification but does it work? (J. Monti, J. Casciero). Criteria and procedures in quality assurance to validate UV/VIS and UV/VIS/NIR spectrometers (W. Böhme et al.). Calibration and validation of spectrophotometers: A vendor's view (T. Klink). Modern instrument design in assisting with compliance to regular standards (J.P. Hammond). Advances in Fluorescence Techniques. Bioluminescent determination of ATP using the Perkin-Elmer LS-50B and luminometer accessory (S.R. Huckins, J.L. Taylor). Near IR fluorescence: Instrumentation, application and pitfalls (R.J. Obremskih et al.). Long wavelength fluorescence spectroscopy (J.N. Miller). Blood flow measurements using fluorescent microspheres (R.W. Glenny). Acetylcholinesterase inhibition via a series of polyacene spectroscopic probe molecules: An example of integrated probe management techniques (J.L. Taylor et al.). Advances in Spectrometry. The application of Hadamard masking for multi-dimensional studies in the visible and near infrared spectral regions (W.G. Fateley et al.). Laser based spectrometry (N.P. Fox et al.). Calibration of line width standards and lamp intensities using FT UV (A.P. Thorne). Diode array process instrumentation for the near IR (J. Workman, Jr.). Charge-coupled device based fluorescence detection in capillary electrophoresis (J.V. Sweedler et al.). Stray light performance of UV multichannel spectral measuring instruments (E.G. Arthurs et al.). Design and performance of a narrow band global UV-B radiometer (M.C. Beaubien, A.F. Beaubien). Index of Contributors. Subject Index.