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Spectral Imaging of the Atmosphere

Optical instruments are routinely employed to obtain a wealth of information about the atmosphere, including its composition, temperature, and winds. A bewildering variety of optical instruments have been proposed over the years, making it difficult to decide which instrument should be chosen to make a specific measurement. Spectral Imaging of the Atmosphere traces the historical development of both spectral and imaging methods and places them in a unified framework relevant to observations of the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere and thermosphere. The underlying concepts of various measurement methodologies are presented and paired with appropriate applications. A selection of specific spectral imaging instruments, appropriate to illustrate each conceptual type, is described in detail.Shepherd's work provides both scientists and engineers with an in-depth understanding of the fundamental concepts they need to know in order to plan a program of atmospheric measurements. Expected future methods and developments are also presented. Problems designed to test and enhance the reader's understanding of the material are included in each chapter.

Graduate students through senior researchers in electron optics and meteorological sciences. Especially those working with imaging and satellite data analysis.

Included in series
International Geophysics

Hardbound, 304 Pages

Published: July 2002

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-639481-8


  • "...an essential read for anyone interested in high resolution spectral remote sensing... very interesting and stimulating..." -Paul R. Hays "...Our knowledge and monitoring capabilities about the state of the atmosphere would be much less without the wealth of remotely sensed data available today. This book, written by an experienced scientist who designed several spectral imagers that became operational on satellites, provides scientists and engineers with an in-depth understanding of the fundamental concepts of spectral imaging. ...I consider the book as a valuable reference for advanced users of data from spectral imagers." -Leopold Haimberger, Vienna


  • 1. Observing Atmospheric Radiation2. Spectral Concepts3. Instrument Responsivity and Superiority4. Imaging Concepts5. The Fabry-Perot Spectrometer6. The Michelson Interferometer7. Multiplexers and Modulators8. Doppler Michelson Interferometry9. Operational Atmospheric Spectral Imagers10. Future Atmospheric Spectral Imagers11. Grating Spectrometers as Spectral Imagers


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