Specialized Molding Techniques

Application, Design, Materials and Processing


  • Hans-Peter Heim, KTP Institute of Plastics Engineering, Paderborn, Germany
  • H. Potente

A surge of new molding technologies is transforming plastics processing and material forms to the highly efficient, integrated manufacturing that will set industry standards in the early years of this century. This book is a survey of these technologies, putting them into context and accentuating opportunities. The relations among these technologies are analyzed in terms of products, materials, processing, and geometry.
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Engineers and technicians at manufacturing companies in the plastics industry that employ injection molding technology processes.


Book information

  • Published: December 2002
  • ISBN: 978-1-884207-91-4

Table of Contents

1. Gas-Assisted Injection Molding2. Fusible Core Injection Molding3. Low Pressure Injection Molding (including laminate molding and liquid-gas assist molding)4. Advanced Blow Molding5. Thermoplastic Sheet Composite Processing6. Reactive Liquid Composite Molding7. Microcellular Plastics8. Lamellar Injection Molding9. Multimaterial/Multiprocess Technology10. Coinjection11. In-Mold Decoration12. Encapsulation13. Stack Molding14. Microinjection Molding15. Fusible Core16. Vibration-Assisted17. Injection Molding Extrusion18. Surface Replication19. Direct Compounding