Special Event Production: The Resources


  • Doug Matthews, Lecturer in Special Events at Capilano College in North Vancouver, BC and member of the Canadian Special Events Society

This must-have guide to special event production resources looks deep behind-the-scenes of an event and dissects what it is that creates success. It analyses the resources and is an extensive reference guide to the technical details of the technical aspects of a big event. It provides a thorough grounding on the specifications and performance of lighting and audio systems, visual presentation technology, special effects and temporary outdoor venues.Incorporating pedagogical features, this easy-to-read book is packed with photographs, diagrams, flow charts, checklists, sample forms, and real-life examples. The vast varieties of audio-visual technologies, outdoor venues, décor and staging are presented. This text is Part two of a two book set - also available is Special Events Production: the process (ISBN 9780750682435). Also available is a companion to both texts is a website packed with toolkits resources, and additional information.
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2- and 4-year undergraduate and students in events planning and hospitality programs; Special event and conference planners


Book information

  • Published: November 2007
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-8523-8

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Entertainment1.1 Origins of Entertainment1.2 Influences on the Development of Entertainment Genres1.3 Defining Entertainment1.4 Staging Entertainment1.5 Working with PerformersChapter 2: Décor2.1 Design Theory2.2 Categories of Décor2.3 Setup Considerations for DécorChapter 3: Lighting Systems3.1 Objectives of Event Lighting3.2 Qualities of Light3.3 Lighting Instruments3.4 Event Lighting Design3.5 Between Concept and Execution3.6 Lighting Control, Setup, and Operation Chapter 4: Audio Systems4.1 Acoustic Theory and its Application to the Event Space4.2 Uses of an Audio System4.3 Main Audio System Groups and Their Components4.4 Signal Flow and Equipment Locations in the Event Space4.5 Pre-Event Sound Check and System Operation During the Event Chapter 5: Visual Presentation Technology 5.1 Purpose of Visual Presentations5.2 Visual Sources 5.3 Signal Processing5.4 Projection Equipment5.5 Display Equipment5.6 Multimedia Presentations5.7 Equipment Setup and OperationChapter 6: Special Effects6.1 What are Special Effects?6.2 Types of Special EffectsChapter 7: Staging 7.1 History and Language of the Stage7.2 Types and Construction of Stages7.3 Placement and Sizing of Stages7.4 Stage Draping7.5 Stage SetsChapter 8: Tenting8.1 Special Event Tents in History8.2 Why Use a Tent for a Special Event?8.3 Types and Styles of Tents8.4 Tent Accessories and Options8.5 Setup Considerations8.6 Tent Technology Today and in the FutureChapter 9: Miscellaneous Technical Resources9.1 Electrical Power9.2 Rigging and Trussing9.3 Other Temporary Structures