Sorbents for Liquid Hazardous Substance Cleanup and Control


  • Robert W. Melvoid

A unique guide in the selection and use of sorbents in cleaning up hazardous liquids.
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Environmental engineers, specialists dealing with spills and leaks of hazardous substances.


Book information

  • Published: December 1988
  • ISBN: 978-0-8155-1159-5

Table of Contents

IntroductionHow To Use The ManualExample of Using the Manual-100 Gallon Ethylbenzene Spill on landCERCLA Liquids Indices and Sorbent Selection and Use GuidesSorbent DataTable 2-1 Sorption Capacities of Representative Sorbent/Hazardous Liquid PairsTable 2-2 Representative Hazardous Liquid/Water Preference IndicesTable 2-3 Sorbent Data Sheet IndexSorbent Data SheetsTechnical/Logistical InformationSorbent Application-Land Spills and Floating SpillsSorbent Collection-Land Spills and Floating SpillsSorbents for Landfilling of LiquidsSorbent ReuseSorbent DisposalCost Estimation Procedures and DataEquipmentMaterialsLaborDisposal CostsTransporation CostsTest MethodsSorbent Testing Procedures Used For This ProjectASTM F716-82GSA P-A-1056BWestinghouseRensselaerUSCGEnvironment CanadaSpill Scenario RationaleSpill Onto LandFloating Spill Into WaterLandfillingSources of InformationCercla Liquid Chemical InformationSpecific GravitySolubility in WaterSurface TensionViscositySorbent Selection RationaleIntroduction Development of a Framework for Making Sorbent Performance ComparisonsSelection of Sorbent Performance Factors for Each ScenarioSorbent Performance Ranking Procedure-Landspill ScenarioSorbent Performance Ranking Procedure û Floating Spill ScenarioProcedure for Computing an Overall Sorbent Performance RatingReferencesGlossaryTable of Conversions