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SonicWALL Secure Wireless Networks Integrated Solutions Guide

Nearly forty percent of the world's 1 billion+ Internet users are wireless. It's a truly staggering fact to think that the majority of these wireless implementations are fundamentally insecure, leaving users and private data at risk. Many wireless proprietors think that the convenience of wireless outweighs the possible risk of insecure impelentation, or that secure wireless is far too complicated to worry about deploying. SonicWALL® Secure Wireless Networks Integrated Solutions Guide provides a systematic approach to creating secure wireless networks, using the Plan, Design, Implement, and Optimize model. This introduction to wireless network security is both comprehensive and easy to understand. Using straightforward language, this book describes deployment best practices, what SonicWALL security appliances do, and how they interoperate within an existing or new network. It begins with brief overviews of the theory of risk management, the history of wireless networks, and today’s top five wireless threats. Real-world case studies highlight wireless solution business drivers for education, healthcare, retail and hospitality, and government agencies, as well as their respective regulatory compliance requirements. SonicWALL believes that the days of being forced to accept inherent risk in wireless networking are over. By using modern security standards and sound network design methods, your wireless network should be just as secure as your wired network.Wireless networks can be made as secure as wired networks, and deploying this type of security can be far less complicated than you think. In this book, and through their massive product offerings, SonicWALL gives you (the secure wireless network hopeful) all of the planning, implementation, and optimizing tools you need to do wireless. Securely.

Technical management (such as CIOs, IT managers, and value-added reseller management) will find in this book the most complete picture of a fully secure, fully featured wireless network. The Planning and Designing sections describe in detail all of the steps necessary for deploying secure wireless networks that range from simple small offices to full-scale enterprise networks to worldwide distributed multi-site networks. Technical staff (such as network administrators, sales engineers, value-added resellers, support staff, and security consultants) will find complete configuration guidelines for implementing the latest features for SonicWALL's network security, secure remote access, and global management, monitoring and reporting product solutions. In addition to individual configuration sections, this book shows how the individual SonicWALL products fit together to form an integrated, multi-layer secure wireless network solution. Non-technical management will find the Planning and Design sections to be an easy-to-understand overview of wireless technologies and the solutions available for a wide variety of network needs. In addition to addressing the traditional corporate market, this book includes descriptions of the typical wireless networking needs of education, healthcare, government agencies, and retail and hospitality environments.Small-to-medium business owners and those interested in creating personal wireless networks will find in this book all they need to know to determine the needs of their network and get it up and running. SonicWALL's configuration wizards and easy-to-use Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) ensure that virtually anyone can create a secure wireless network that leverages the latest authentication, encryption, and Unified Threat Management (UTM) security services.

Paperback, 512 Pages

Published: June 2008

Imprint: Syngress

ISBN: 978-1-59749-193-8


  • PrefaceUsing This BookPart 1: PlanningChapter 1: Introduction to Secure Wireless NetworkingChapter 2: Planning Wireless Access DeploymentsChapter 3: Creating and Defining a Network Security PolicyChapter 4: Wireless Solutions for Vertical MarketsPart 2: DesigningChapter 5: SonicWALL Products Solutions LibraryChapter 6: Three Phases for a Secure Wireless NetworkChapter 7: Designing for User SegmentationPart 3: ImplementingPhase 1: Deploying the UTM GatewayChapter 8: Configuring SonicWALL UTM Gateway AppliancesChapter 9: Configuring User SegmentationChapter 10: Configuring Distributed Wireless DevicesChapter 11: Configuring Wireless Guest Services for HotspotsChapter 12: Configuring Virtual Access PointsChapter 13: Configuring RF Monitoring and ProtectionPhase 2: Deploying Secure Remote Access SolutionsChapter 14: Configuring Secure Remote Access SolutionsPhase 3: Deploying Centralized Management SolutionsChapter 15: Configuring SonicWALL Global Management SystemPart 4: OptimizingChapter 16: Optimizing Your Secure Wireless NetworkAppendix A: Configuring External Authentication ServersAppendix B: SonicWALL Knowledge CheckAppendix C: Answers to SonicWALL Knowledge CheckBibliographyIndex


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