Somitogenesis, Part 2, 48 book cover

Somitogenesis, Part 2, 48


Published: December 1999

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-153148-5


  • B. Brand-Saberi and B. Christ, Evolution and Development of Distinct Cell Lineages Derived from Somites.A.-H. Monsoro-Burq and N. Le Douarin, Duality of Molecular Signaling Involved in Vertebral Chondrogenesis.J.L. Dockter, Sclerotome Induction and Differentiation.H.-H. Arnold and T. Braun, Genetics of Muscle Determination and Development.A.-G. Borycki and C.P. Emerson, Jr., Multiple Tissue Interaction and Signal Transduction Pathways Control Somite Myogenesis. S. Tajbakhsh and M. Buckingham, The Birth of Muscle Progenitor Cells in the Mouse: Spatiotemporal Considerations.J. Fontaine-Pérus, Mouse-Chick Chimera: An Experimental System for Study of Somite Development. D. Summerbell and P.W.J. Rigby, Transcriptional Regulation during Somitogenesis.C.P. Ordahl, B.A. Williams, and W. Denetclaw, Determination and Morphogenesis in Myogenic Progenitor Cells: An Experimental Embryological Approach.Index.Contents of Previous Volumes.


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