Solid State Physics book cover

Solid State Physics

Although there are many books published in solid state physics, there is a wide gap between the active field of research and the conceptstraditionally taught in solid state courses. This book fills that gap. The style is tutorial, simple, and completely self-contained. Solid State Physicsexplains to readers the newest advances in the area of condensed matter physics with rigorous, but lucid mathematics. Examples are an integral part of the text, and they are carefully designed to apply the fundamental principles illustrated in the text to currently active topics of research.

Graduate students, advanced graduates, and researchers in the fields of theoretical and experimental activity in condensed matter theory and solid state physics.

Hardbound, 714 Pages

Published: February 2000

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-304460-0


  • "... A very nice book ... I would personally buy it" - Professor Henry Ehrenreich, Harvard University


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