Solid State Ionics

Edited By

  • M. Balkanski, Paris, France
  • T. Takahashi, Nagoya, Japan
  • H.L. Tuller, Cambridge, MA, USA

In recent years Solid State Ionics have attracted considerable interest due to the important role which they may play in the future of microelectronics and eventually in other fields of energy storage. This volume presents papers on the theory, experiments and applications in this field including: New materials; Insertion compounds; Transport; Structure; Polymeric electrolytes; Mixed conductors; Protonic and oxygen conductors; and electrochromics.
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Book information

  • Published: March 1991
  • Imprint: NORTH-HOLLAND
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-89354-3

Table of Contents

Abbreviated. Applications. Sodium sulfur battery developments (S. Mennicke). Oxygen ion conductors and their technological applications (B.C.H. Steele). Solid state electrochemical sensors (W. Weppner). New Materials. New oxide-ion electrolytes (J.B. Goodenough, Y.S. Zhen). Preparation of new glasses with high ionic conductivities (T. Minami). Insertion Compounds. The effect of cobalt on the chemical and electrochemical behaviour of the nickel hydroxide electrode (C. Delmas). In-situ studies of insertion compounds (G.A. Nazri). Transport. High conductivity solid electrolytes in the crystalline state at room temperature (T. Takahashi). Defect processes and migration mechanisms in solid state ionics (C.R.A. Catlow). Relaxation processes in ionic conductive glasses (A. Pradel, M. Ribes). Structure. Silver and copper fast-ion conductors with simple anion packings: Cation distributions, bonding and transport behaviour (B.J. Wuensch). A model for network vibration in the thioborate glass family B2S3-xLi2S (J. Deppe et al.). Ionic conductivity and short-range order in fluorite-type anion excess solid solutions (J.M. Reau et al.). Polymeric Electrolytes. Conducting polymers: New frontiers and prospectives (B. Scrosati). Polyiodides in polar polymers, detection of a conductivity percolation threshold (M. Forsyth et al.). Mixed Conductors. Recent investigations into the properties of mixed ionic electronic conductors (I. Riess). Electrical conductivity and Raman scattering of amorphous V2O5-LiBo2 (I. Kosacki).Protonic and Oxygen Conductors Oxygen mobility and structural defects in superconducting cuprates (P. Barboux et al.). Defect chemistry and transport properties in YBa2Cu3O6+x and La,Sr 2CuO4 (E.J. Opila et al.). Electrical transport and defect structures of high-temperature protonic conductors (A.S. Nowick). High temperature protonic conductors and their applications (H. Iwahara). Electrochromics. Electrochromic applications (F.G.K. Baucke). Sol-gel ionics (J. Livage).