Solar Energy Markets book cover

Solar Energy Markets

An Analysis of the Global Solar Industry

This groundbreaking new book features holistic coverage of technological breakthroughs, financing trends, workforce development issues, and comparative regional case studies in solar energy. It provides a global bird's-eye view of the industry for scientists, engineers, business leaders, and policymakers - anyone seriously engaged in the rapidly evolving field of solar energy. The expert author's analysis includes primary data from the first comprehensive solar industry survey conducted in the United States, insights from key thought leaders in the energy sector, and case studies from international leaders in solar development. Solar Energy Markets examines six key drivers of the solar industry: 1) a new culture of environmentalism; 2) policy and markets; 3) financing and venture capital; 4) economics and cost-competitiveness; 5) innovation; and 6) labor. In a field too often marked by divisive over-specialization, this resource provides invaluable context, demonstrating how the solar field’s innovative triumphs and inherent challenges play out in the real global marketplace.

Primary: Energy and Power Engineers; Scientists, Researchers working w. Renewables
Secondary: Students in Engineering and Physics programs; Technicians and Investors working in energy-related disciplines

Hardbound, 158 Pages

Published: November 2013

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-12-397174-6


  • 1.Introduction
    2.The (New) Culture of Environmentalism
    3.Policy and Markets for Solar Power
    4.Financing and Venture Capital
    5.Economics and Cost-Competitiveness


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