Soil Conservation and Silviculture, 23 book cover

Soil Conservation and Silviculture, 23


Published: July 1994

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-98792-1


  • Preface. 1. Soil Conservation (J. Filip). Soil conservation and the danger of erosion. Conservation of farm and forest land. 2. Erosion of the Soil (J. Dvořák). The types of erosion. Manifestations of erosion. Erosion intensity. 3. Erosion Factors (J. Antal). Definition of erosion factors. Evaluation of erosion factors. 4. Analysis of Erosion (J. Dvořák). Regularities of water erosion. Regularities of wind erosion (M Pasák). Modelling erosion processes (F. Křovák). 5. Erosion Control to Protect the Soil. Anti-erosion site organisation (J. Antal). Cultural operations for erosion control (J. Antal). Biological measures for erosion control (J. Antal). Technical measures for erosion control (J. Filip). 6. Torrent Control (L. Novák). Torrent characteristics. Sediments. Principles of torrent control. 7. Gully Control (L. Novák). Gully erosion. Causes of gully erosion. Gully forms. Gully stabilisation. Stabilisation of aged gully formations. 8. Management of Land Endangered by Slippage (D. Húska). Causes of slope failure. Methods of control and management of areas exposed to the danger of landslide. 9. Vegetation in the Landscape. Forests in landscape (J. Stred'anský). Fundamentals of the formation of vegetation (J. Stred'anský). Tending of stands (J. Stred'anský). Soil-conservation forest stands (J. Stred'anský). Riparian stands (L. Novák). Forest shelter belts (L. Novák). References. Subject Index.


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