Sociology and Occupational Therapy book cover

Sociology and Occupational Therapy

An Integrated Approach

Introducing a textbook focusing on the areas of sociology of direct relevance to the theory and practice of Occupational Therapy. Authored by a team of experienced lecturers in sociology and OT lecturers with a background in social science, this pragmatic text demonstrates how sociological theory impacts the practice of OT's. Features activities in each chapter that encourage the reader to make their own links between the text and their own experience in OT practice and everyday life.

Paperback, 190 Pages

Published: September 1998

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-05515-7


  • Introduction / What Is Sociology? / Social Research Methods / Social Stratification and Social Class / Role / Sex, Gender and Feminism / Multi-Cultural Society / the Family / Deviance / Health and Illness / Organisations / the Sociology of the Health Professions / Work / Leisure / Normalization and Critical Disability Theory


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