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Social Information

Gaining Competitive and Business Advantage Using Social Media Tools

Information available through ‘traditional’ business and competitive resources can be complimented by information gained through social media tools. Social Information is a must-have book for competitive and business researchers in any discipline including librarians, information professionals, intelligence analysts, students and marketing personnel, and explores how more ‘traditional’ resources can be complimented by social media tools. The book outlines different categories of social tools, competitive and business applications of these tools, and provides example searches with screenshots. The book provides concrete search examples, as well as strategies and approaches for searching social tools that may be available today or that may emerge tomorrow. Readers will learn ways to quickly develop new search strategies as new tools and features emerge. The future of social tools and information, and the lasting impact that these tools have had on how information plays a part in our lives, our businesses and our careers is discussed. The title is structured into seven chapters, covering: the impact of social media, and the approach of the book; a brief history of business and competitive information and the rise of social tools; blogs and microblogs; video, audio and images; social search engines; and the future of social information.

Paperback, 352 Pages

Published: July 2012

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-667-8


  • This is an excellent reference in the domain of social tools being used to gain competitive and business advantage. One of its most useful features is the real-world examples, in parallel with strategies and approaches to search social media today and in the future. It is highly recommended because of its systematic and well-structured approach to each chapter., Online Information Review


  • A brief history of business and competitive information, and the rise of social tools; Social networks; Blogs and microblogs; Video, audio and images; Social search engines; The future of social information.


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