Social Choice and Welfare book cover

Social Choice and Welfare

This volume comprises papers presented at the Symposium on Collective Choice, by leading experts in this field. It presents recent advances in Social Choice Theory and Welfare Economics. The papers are classified in two broad groups: (1) those dealing with the ethical aspects of the theory of social choice and (2) those concerned with the positive aspects.The papers in the first part are concerned with the Arrow-type aggregation problem or aspects of it and with more specific questions relating to optimality, justice and welfare. In part II several papers discuss the problem of strategic misrevelation of preferences by individuals, others discuss simple voting games, social choice-correspondences and electoral competition.The main features are: - Recent advances in social choice theory and welfare economics - New mathematical approaches to social choice theory (differential and algebraic topology) -New aspects of the concepts of justice and optimality in welfare economics and social choice.


Published: January 1983

Imprint: North-holland

ISBN: 978-0-444-86487-1


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