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Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning

Social and emotional aspects of schooling and the learning environment can dramatically affect one's attention, understanding, and memory for learning.  This topic has been of increasing interest in both psychology and education, leading to an entire section being devoted to it in the third edition of the International Encyclopedia of Education.  Thirty-three articles from the Encyclopedia form this concise reference which focuses on such topics as social and emotional development, anxiety in schools, effects of mood on motivation, peer learning, and friendship and social networks.

Researchers and professors teaching all aspects of social and emotional aspects of learning.

Hardbound, 300 Pages

Published: January 2011

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-12-381477-7


  • Motivation in learning


    Attribution Theory

    Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

    Achievement Goal Theory: Definitions, Correlates, and Unresolved Questions

    Flow in Education

    Sociocultural Issues in motivation

    Culture in Motivation Research: A Challenging and Enriching Contribution

    Motivating Students in Classrooms

    Emotional experiences

    Affect, mood and Emotions

    Emotion in Educational Contexts

    Cognition and Emotion

    Poverty, Effects of on Social and Emotional Development

    Social and Emotional Outcomes of Learning




    Impact of Assessment on Students’ Test Anxiety

    Educating Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

    Social interaction

    Early Social Development and Schooling

    Social interaction and Learning

    Peer Interaction and learning

    Peer Learning in the Classroom

    Peer and Self-Assessment

    Peer Relations and Socialization of Children and Adolescents with Special Needs and Adolescents with Disabilities

    Social Aspects of Collaborative Learning

    Self-regulatory processes

    Self-Concept in Learning: Reciprocal Effects model Between Academic Self-Concept and Academic Achievement

    Social Practices in School Assessment and Their Impact on Learner Identities

    Self-Efficacy Beliefs

    Volitional Control of learning

    Motivation Regulation

    Coping with Stressful Situations: An Important Aspect of Self-Regulation

    Social relations in multiple learning environments

    Children’s Friendship

    Social Development and Schooling

    Seeking help as an Adaptive Response to Learning Difficulties: Person, Situation, and Developmental Influences

    Understanding How Leadership Influences Student Learning

    Competition and Student Performance

    Socioemotional Aspects of Technology-Supported Learning

    Social networks and the Education of Children and youth

    Social and Cultural Capital in Education


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