Smart Phone and Next Generation Mobile Computing


  • Pei Zheng, Professor, Arcadia University, Glenside, PA, USA; Consultant in mobile wireless sevices
  • Lionel Ni, Professor and Head of Computer Science Department at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

This in-depth technical guide is an essential resource for anyone involved in the development of “smart” mobile wireless technology, including devices, infrastructure, and applications. Written by researchers active in both academic and industry settings, it offers both a big-picture introduction to the topic and detailed insights into the technical details underlying all of the key trends. Smart Phone and Next-Generation Mobile Computing shows you how the field has evolved, its real and potential current capabilities, and the issues affecting its future direction. It lays a solid foundation for the decisions you face in your work, whether you’re a manager, engineer, designer, or entrepreneur.
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Technical professionals and academic researchers in design/development of mobile wireless technologies; graduate students in wireless networks or mobile computing


Book information

  • Published: December 2005
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-088560-2


"This book provides a balanced and in-depth coverage and fresh perspectives of the state-of-the-art mobile computing technologies, from radio interface, to software platform to emerging applications." -Dr.Ya-Qin Zhang, Microsoft Corporation "Smart Phone and Next Generation Mobile Computing is essential reading for any professionals and students involved in this dynamic field. The book provides a comprehensive treatment of fundamentals and covers the most recent technology advances. It describes not only how, but also why, through many insightful examples." -Dr. Wei Zhao, National Science Foundation "This book presents a detailed and comprehensive exposition of all important technologies related to mobile communication and pervasive application development using smart phones. This is a timely publication and it would be a very useful resource for educators, researchers, and developers in this field." -Professor Anand Tripathi, University of Minnesota "This book is something else. It is not often that you see a book that is as up to date as this one while also covering a broad swath of wireless technology...this book is very much up to date and a good reference to all the most current wireless technologies." - Electronic Design, Louis E. Frenzel, July 2006

Table of Contents

CH 1: Introduction to Smart Phone and Mobile Computing / CH 2: The Next Wave of Computing / CH 3: Supporting Wireless Technologies / CH 4: Mobile Terminal Platforms / CH 5: Mobile Networking Challenges / CH 6: Mobile Security and Privacy / CH 7: Mobile Application Challenges