Small Wind

Planning and Building Successful Installations


  • R. Nolan Clark, Small Wind Certification Council, Amarillo, Texas, USA

Small wind turbines utilize wind energy to produce power with rated capacities of 100 kilowatts or less. With this increasingly popular technology, individual businesses, farms, and homes can generate their own electricity and cut their energy bills , while generating power in an environmentally sound manner. The challenges facing the engineers who are tasked with planning and developing these small wind systems are multifaceted, from choosing the best site and accurately estimating  power output, to obtaining proper permitting and troubleshooting operational inefficiencies. Optimization of project development for small wind applications is a necessity. Small Wind: Planning and Building Successful Installations provides a cohesive guide to achieving successful small wind installations from an informed expert. It is a comprehensive information resource from one of the world’s most experienced small wind professionals, covering all the key issues for small wind system development, from site and machine selection to international standards compliance.
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Primary: Renewable Energy professionals, esp. Mechanical, Electrical & Civil Engineers working in the Wind Power industry as Project Developers and Managers, Wind Turbine Designers and Manufacturers
Secondary: Engineering students in 4-year and technical school programs studying to enter the “green jobs” sphere; Agricultural & Power Engineers working on small wind projects


Book information

  • Published: September 2013
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-385999-0

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Small Wind
Chapter 2: Site Evaluation
Chapter 3: Needs Evaluation
Chapter 4: Wind Turbine Components and Descriptions
Chapter 5: Towers and foundations
Chapter 6: Machine Selection 
Chapter 7: Economic Considerations
Chapter 8: Permitting
Chapter 9: Installation
Chapter 10: System Operation with Electrical Interconnections
Chapter 11: System Operation in Stand-Alone Machines
Chapter 12: Operational Troubleshooting
Chapter 13: Distributed Wind Systems as a Growth of Small Wind
Chapter 14: Future of Small Wind