Small Animal Theriogenology book cover

Small Animal Theriogenology

Written in a user-friendly format, this handbook provides students and practitioners with the essential information on small animal reproduction. Veterinarinas will be able to find quickly the information they need to successfully diagnose and treat disorders of the reproductive system, assist in difficult deliveries, and answer clients' questions on contraception, spaying and neutering, infertility, and artificial insemination.


Published: December 2002

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7408-9


  • 1. Disorders of Sexual Development
    2. Breeding Management in the Bitch and Queen
    3. Artificial Insemination in the Dog
    4. Semen Collection and Evaluation
    5. Contraception and Pregnancy Termination
    6. Prepuberal Gonadectomy (Early-Age Neutering) of Dogs and Cats
    7. Infectious Diseases of the Reproductive Tract of the Bitch
    8. Pregnancy
    9. Parturition and Dystocia
    10. Neonatology
    11. Ovarian Disorders
    12. Uterine Disorders
    13. Vaginal Disorders
    14. Mammary Disorders
    15. Contraception in the Male
    16. Testicular and Epididymal Disorders
    17. Prostatic Disorders
    18. Disorders of the Penis and Prepuce
    19. Infertility in the Dog and Cat
    20. Emerging Technologies in Small Animal Theriogenology


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