Small Animal Ear Diseases book cover

Small Animal Ear Diseases

An Illustrated Guide

The second edition of this reference features more than 300 high-quality color illustrations to assist practicing veterinarians and veterinary students in identifying small animal ear diseases. It begins with a review of the science involved in diagnosing and treating ear disease, including the anatomy of the ear, examination techniques, and pathophysiology. Coverage also includes discussions of specific ear disease conditions, based on the standard ear disease classification scheme of predisposing factors, primary causes, and perpetuating factors. The consistent presentation of each disorder includes an introduction, color illustrations of the condition, description of diagnostic techniques, treatment options, suggested readings, and updated references.


Published: December 2004

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-7216-0137-3


  • 1. Anatomy of the Canine and Feline Ear
    2. Examination of the External Ear Canal
    3. Cytology of the Ear In Health and Disease
    4. Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging in the Ear
    5. Primary Causes of Ear Disease
    6. Adverse Food Reactions
    7. Factors that Predispose the Ear to Otitis Externa
    8. Factors that Perpetuate Otitis Externa
    9. Microbiology of the Ear of the Dog and Cat
    10. Ceruminous Diseases of the Ear
    11. Failure of Epithelial Migration: Cerumenoliths
    12. Diseases that Affect the Pinna
    13. Simple Diagnosis and Treatment of Pruritic Otitis
    14. Diagnosis and Treatment of Otitis Media
    15. Healing of the Ruptured Eardrum
    16. Inflammatory Polyps
    17. Ototoxicity
    18. Otitis Interna and Vestibular Disease
    19. Laser Ear Surgery
    20. Marketing Ear Service
    Appendix: Ear Product Formulary


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