Sittig's Handbook of Pesticides and Agricultural Chemicals


  • Stanley A. Greene, Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Company (former)

Sittig's Handbook of Pesticides and Agricultural Chemicals is specifically designed for use by those engaged in the agricultural and food processing industries, both vital to our nation's health and economy. People in every phase of food production, from the farm to the fork, will find a wealth of material here. It will also be of interest to professionals in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and personal care industries who use agricultural products as ingredients. It provides crop, chemical, regulatory, health and safety information on nearly 800 pesticides, fertilizers, and other agricultural chemicals. These chemicals are organized withg unique identifiers so that all who may have contact with or interest in them can find critical information quickly.
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Food technologists, agricultural extension agents, agricultural chemical handlers, chemists, technicians, educators, manufacturers and regulators on state and federal level, government agroterrorism agencies and industry vendors/suppliers, professionals and educators across the entire food chain starting with pesticide manufacturers to food scientists, and animal/plant inspection services. Will also be of interest to pharmaceutical and cosmetics/personal care chemists, engineers and formulators, newspapers and the legal community.


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  • Published: May 2005
  • ISBN: 978-0-8155-1516-6


"This up-to-date handbook is meticulously compiled and is full of information anyone with even the slightest involvement in agrochemicals will appreciate." - USFDA Library

Table of Contents

How to Use This BookKey to Abbreviations and AcronymsChemical Records Chemical Name Use Type CAS Number Formula Alert Synonyms Trade Names Producers Chemical Class EPA/OPP PC Code California DPR Chemical Code ICSC Number RTECS Number EEC Number EINECS Number Uses Human Toxicity (long-term) with CFR citations Fish Toxicity (threshold) with CFR citations US Maximum Allowable Residue LevelsCarcinogen/Hazard Classifications US EPA Carcinogens US NTP California Prop. 65 US TRI IARC Label Signal Word WHO Acute Hazard Endocrine DisruptorRegulatory AuthorityDescriptionIncompatibilitiesPermissible Exposure Limits in AirDetermination in AirPermissible Concentrations in WaterDetermination in WaterRoutes of Entry Harmful Effects and SymptomsShort Term ExposureLong Term ExposurePoints of AttackMedical SurveillanceFirst AidReferencesBibliographyAppendix 1: Index of Companies CitedAppendix 2: Directory of Agrochemical ManufacturersAppendix 3: Directory of Federal and Internatiuonal Regulatory Agencies for the Environment and PesticidesAppendix 4: Directory of State Regulatory Agencies for the Environment and PesticidesAppendix 5: Directory of Industrial and Professional Agrochemical and Food Related OrganizationsAppendix 6: Directory of Useful Hotlines, Databases, and Web Sites about Chemicals and the EnvironmentAppendix 7: Agrochemical Web Sites - Useful Sources of Information about Agrochemicals and Food SafetyAppendix 8: Synonym and Trade Name Cross IndexAppendix 9: Index of EPA Product CodesAppendix 10: CAS Number Cross Index