Simulating an Ageing Population, 285

A microsimulation approach applied to Sweden

Edited By

  • Anders Klevmarken, Department of Economics, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Bjorn Lindgren, Lund University Centre for Health Economics, Lund, Sweden

The perspectives of ageing populations in most Western countries have raised issues such as how fast will the ageing process go, when will we reach the peak of the dependency ratio, how severe will the burden of the large baby-boom cohorts become to the younger cohorts, and, perhaps most interesting, who will pay for the pensions, the health care and the social care of the baby-boom cohorts? These issues motivated the project "Old baby-boomers" the results of which are reported in this volume.
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Post-graduate Researchers and Faculty in Economics and the Social Sciences. Economists and policy makers, especially those concerned with the provision of Health Care and Social Services to the aged population.


Book information

  • Published: April 2008
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-53253-4

Table of Contents

1. An ageing economy in an international perspective (Anders Klevmarken and Björn Lindgren)2. Dynamic microsimulation for policy analysis ¿ problems and solutions (Anders Klevmarken)3. SESIM ¿ A Swedish Microsimulation model (Lennart Flood)4. Changes in the health status of the population (Kristian Bolin, Sören Höjgård and Björn Lindgren)5. Sickness absence from work (Kristian Bolin, Sören Höjgård and Björn Lindgren)6. Early retirement (Kristian Bolin, Matias Eklöf, Daniel Hallberg, Sören Höjgård and Björn Lindgren)7. Geographical mobility and tenure choice (Urban Fransson and Matias Eklöf)8. The income of the baby boomers (Lennart Flood ,Anders Klevmarken and Andreea Mitrut)9. The distribution of wealth (Lennart Flood and Anders Klevmarken) 10. Utilisation of inpatient care (Kristian Bolin, Sören Höjgård and Björn Lindgren)11. The demand for old age care (Mårten Lagergren, Urban Fransson and Daniel Hallberg)12. Simulating the future for the elderly (Anders Klevmarken)13. Evaluation and conclusion (Anders Klevmarken)