Sims' Symptoms in the Mind

An Introduction to Descriptive Psychopathology

SIMS' SYMPTOMS IN THE MIND has, since its first publication in 1988, become established as the leading introductory textbook on clinical psychopathology. This new edition has been fully updated to include advances in neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience and changes can be found in the chapters on memory disturbance, disorders of time, pathology of perception, disorders of speech and language, affect and emotional disorders, and disorders of volition and execution. In some cases, novel classifications of the abnormalities under consideration have been provided together with additional pathological phenomena - including palinopsia, akinetopsia, zeitraffer phenomenon, exosomesthesia - many of which have been rediscovered or imported from neurology. The popular and distinctive features are the use of figures, tables and illustrative case examples which have been further enhanced with additional case examples from the classical literature, autobiographical narratives and fiction.

Paperback, 484 Pages

Published: April 2008

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-7020-2885-4


  • Section One: Concepts and Method.

    1. Fundamental Concepts of Descriptive Psychopathology 2.Eliciting the Symptoms of Mental Illness

    Section Two: Consciousness and Cognition

    3.Consciousness and Disturbed Consciousness 4. Attention, Concentration, Orientation and Sleep 5.Disturbance of Memory

    Section Three: Awareness of Reality: Time, Perception and Judgement

    6.Disorder of Time 7.Pathology of Perception 8. Delusions and Other Erroneous Ideas 9. Disorder of the Thinking Process 10.Disorder of Speech and Language 11. Disorder of Intellectual Performance 12. Insight

    Section Four: Self and Body

    13. The Disordered Self 14. Depersonalization 15. Disorder of the Awareness of the Body 16. Disorders of Gender and Sexuality 17. The Psychopathology of Pain

    Section Five: Emotions and Action

    18. Affect and Emotional Disorders 19. Anxiety, Panic, Irritability, Phobia and Obsession 20. Disorders of Volition and Execution

    Section Six: Variations of Human Nature

    21. The Expression of Disordered Personality 22. Psychopathology of Neurotic Disorders

    Section Seven: Diagnosis

    23. Psychopathology and Diagnosis


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