Simplified Design of IC Amplifiers book cover

Simplified Design of IC Amplifiers

Simplified Design of IC Amplifiers has something for everyone involved in electronics. No matter what skill level, this book shows how to design and experiment with IC amplifiers. For experimenters, students, and serious hobbyists, this book provides sufficient information to design and build IC amplifier circuits from 'scratch'. For working engineers who design amplifier circuits or select IC amplifiers, the book provides a variety of circuit configurations to make designing easier.

electronics engineers & technicians

Paperback, 239 Pages

Published: May 1996

Imprint: Newnes

ISBN: 978-0-7506-9508-4


  • Amplifier circuit basics; Basic amplifier tests; Basic IC OP-amp design; OTA design; Current-feedback amplifier design; Chopper-stabilized Op-amp; Wideband transconductance amplifier design; Audio-frequency (AF) amplifier design; Gain-controlled microphone preamplifier/VOGAD


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