Simplified Design of Data Converters book cover

Simplified Design of Data Converters

Simplified Design of Data Converters shows how to design and experiment with data converters, both analog-to-digital and digital to analog. The design approach here is the same one used in all of John Lenk's best-selling books on simplified and practical design. Throughout the book, design problems start with guidelines for selecting all components on a trial-value basis, assuming a specific design goal and set of conditions. Then, using the guideline values in experimental circuits, the desired results are produced by varying the experimental component values, if needed.If you are a working engineer responsible for designing data-converters circuits, or selecting IC data converters, the variety of circuit configurations described here should generally simplify your task. Not only does the book describe converter-circuit designs, but it also covers the most popular forms of data-converter ICs available. Throughout the book, you will find a wealth of information on data-converter ICs and related components.

electronics engineers & technicians

Paperback, 242 Pages

Published: March 1997

Imprint: Newnes

ISBN: 978-0-7506-9509-1


  • Data converter basics; Data converter terms and design characteristics; Practical design considerations; Simplified design with a typical ADC; Simplified design with a flash ADC; Simplified design with serial interface DAC; Simplified design with parallel input DAC; Simplified design approaches; Low power data acquisitions system; Single-chip digital multimeter.


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