Signs and Symptoms in Family Medicine book cover

Signs and Symptoms in Family Medicine

A Literature-Based Approach

Signs and Symptoms in Family Medicine, by Paul M. Paulman, MD et al, provides a unique evidence-based approach to diagnosis based on presenting signs. Focusing on the most common diagnoses observed in a medical practice, the book helps you "think horses, not zebras." A rating system for the sensitivity and specificity of the signs, symptoms, and diagnostic tests aids in the development of a focused and accurate differential diagnosis. This handy, take-along guide is ideal for quick reference at the bedside or a refresher while prepping for the boards.


Medical students on clerkships/rotations in years 3 & 4; Residents in Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Primary Care; Practitioners in Family Medicine, Internists and Generalists, Primary Care, Pediatrics; nursing and health students and professionals, specifically Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners.

Paperback, 656 Pages

Published: August 2011

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-0-323-04981-8


  • 1. Abdominal Pain

    2. Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

    3. Amenorrhea

    4. Anemia

    5. Anxiety

    6. Arthralgia

    7. Back Pain

    8. Behavioral Problems in Children

    9. Bleeding and Bruising

    10. Blood in Stool

    11. Breast Masses and Nipple Discharges

    12. Chest Pain

    13. Child Abuse

    14. Confusion

    15. Congestion

    16. Cough

    17. Depression

    18. Diarrhea

    19. Dizziness

    20. Earache

    21. Family Discord

    22. Fatigue

    23. Fever

    24. Headache

    25. Health Maintenance

    26. Heartburn

    27. Hypertension

    28. Jaundice

    29. Lower Extremity Pain and Swelling

    30. Lymphadenopathy

    31. Menopause

    32. Neck Pain

    33. Pelvic or Genital Pain

    34. Polyuria

    35. Rashes

    36. Seizures

    37. Sexual Dysfunction

    38. Shortness of Breath

    39. Sleep Disorders

    40. Sore Throat

    41. Substance Abuse

    42. Urinary Problems

    43. Vaginal Discharge

    44. Generalized Weakness 45. Weight Change


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