Signals and Systems using MATLAB book cover

Signals and Systems using MATLAB

This new textbook in signals and systems provides a pedagogically rich approach to what can commonly be a mathematically dry subject. With features like historical notes, highlighted common mistakes, and applications in controls, communications, and signal processing, Chaparro helps students appreciate the usefulness of the techniques described in the book. Each chapter contains a section with MatLab applications.

2nd and 3rd year Electrical/Computer Engineering students in Signals and Systems.

Hardbound, 880 Pages

Published: February 2014

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-394812-0


  • Preface; 0 From the Ground Up!; 1 Continuous-time Signals; 2 Continuous-time Systems; 3 The Laplace Transform; 4 Frequency Analysis: The Fourier Series; 5 Frequency Analysis: The Fourier Transform; 6 Application of Laplace Analysis to Control; 7 Fourier Analysis in Communications and Filtering; 8 Sampling Theory; 9 Discrete-time Signals and Systems; 10 The Z-transform; 11 Fourier Analysis of Discrete-time Signals and Systems; 12 Introduction to the Design of Discrete Filters; Appendix A - Useful Formulas


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