Side Effects of Drugs Annual 21

Edited by

  • J.K. Aronson, Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Radcliffe Infirmary, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

The Side Effects of Drugs Annual has been published each year since 1977. It is designed to provide a critical and up-to date account of new information relating to adverse drug reactions and interactions from the clinician's point of view. The Annual can be used independently or as a supplement to the standard encyclopedic work in this field, Meyler's Side Effects of Drugs, of which, the Fourteenth Edition was published in December 2000.

The present Annual reviews all reports presenting significant new information on adverse reactions to drugs from July 1996 to June 1997. During the production of this Annual, more recent papers have been included. The use of the book is enhanced by two separate indexes, allowing the reader to enter the text by drug name, adverse effect name, or drug interaction.

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Book information

  • Published: November 1998
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-82818-7


Readers who are already familiar with this series may recall that the volume is, as a rule, full of news not readily available or possibly published in less well circulated journals...The list of drugs under consideration is very large and contains practically all those employed daily in medical practice.
(G. Bianchi Porro, Milan, Italy), Italian Journal Gastroenterol Hepatol, 31, 1999

Table of Contents

List of special reviews. How to use this book.Essay: Thirty years of experience of the Boston Collaborative Drug Surveillance Program in relation to principles and methods of drug safety research(H. Jick). Central nervous system stimulants and drugs that suppress appetite (R.P. Sequeira). Antidepressant drug (P.J. Cowen).Lithium (M. Schou).Drugs of abuse (J.K. Patel, E. Wong, A.I. Green). Hypnotics and sedatives (S. Curran, S. Lally).Antipsychotic drugs (A. Carvajal, L.H. Martin Arias).Antiepileptic drugs (E. Perucca).Opioid analgesics and narcotic antagonists (A.H. Ghodse, R.E. Edwards). Anti-inflammatory and antipyretic analgesics and drugs used in gout (A. Del Favero).General anesthetics and therapeutic gases (T.G. Short, E. Petcu).Local anesthetics (S. Schug, J. Thomas). Neuromuscular blocking agents and skeletal muscle relaxants (M. Leuwer, O. Zuzan). Drugs affecting autonomic functions or the extrapyramidal system (M. Schachter).Dermatological drugs, topical agents, and cosmetics (A.C. de Groot).Antihistamines (L. Turner).Drugs acting on the respiratory tract (J.W. Paterson, K.M. Lulich). Positive inotropic drugs and drugs used in dysrhythmias (J.K. Aronson).Beta-adrenoceptor antagonists and antianginal drugs (A.P. Maggioni, M.G. Franzosi, R. Latini).Drugs acting on the cerebral and peripheral circulations (R. Verhaeghe).Antihypertensive drugs (F. Zannad).Diuretics (G.T. McInnes).Metals (G.B. van der Voet, F.A de Wolff).Metal antagonists (R.H.B. Meyboom).Antiseptic drugs and disinfectants (P. Magee). Penicillins, cephalosporins, other ß-lactam antibiotics and tetracyclines (T. Midtvedt).Miscellaneous antibacterial drugs (S.H. Khoo, T. Walley).Antifungal drugs (R.G. Irwin, A. Groll, T.J. Walsh). Antiprotozoal drugs (S. Krishna, R. Price, I. Ribeiro).Antiviral drugs (P. Reiss, M.D. de Jong).Drugs used in tuberculosis and leprosy (C.J. Ellis).Antihelminthic drugs (A.G.C. Bauer). Vaccines (S. Dittmann).Blood, blood components, plasma, and plasma products (H.W. Eijkhout, W.G. van Aken).Intravenous infusions - solutions and emulsions (P.I. Folb).Drugs affecting blood coagulation, fibrinolysis and hemostasis (K. Peerlinck, J. Vermylen).Gastrointestinal drugs (R.E. Pounder). Drugs acting on the immune system (T. Vial, G. Chevrel, J. Descotes).Vitamins (H.D. Reuter).Corticotrophins, corticosteroids and prostaglandins (J. Costa, M. Farre).Sex hormones and related compounds, including hormonal contraceptives (A. Buitenhuis, C.J. van Boxtel). Thyroid hormones and antithyroid drugs (J.A. Franklyn).Insulin, glucagon, and oral hypoglycemic drugs (H.M.J. Krans).Miscellaneous hormones (P. Coates).Drugs affecting lipid metabolism (I. Aursnes).Cytostatics and immunosuppressive drugs (A. Stanley). Radiological contrast agents (P. Dawson). Drugs used in ocular treatment (B.C.P. Polak).Treatments used in complementary medicine (E. Ernst, J. Barnes). Miscellaneous drugs, materials and medical devices (N.H. Choulis).International drug monitoring. Address list of national centers participating in the WHO drug monitoring scheme. Index of drugs. Index of side effects.