Side Effects of Drugs Annual 11/1987 book cover

Side Effects of Drugs Annual 11/1987


Published: January 1988

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-90473-7


  • The Side Effects of Drugs Annuals remain the best single reference source of information about the unwanted effects of drugs. They should be available in every pharmacy library
    The Pharmaceutical Journal

    This is a superb reference which provides an invaluable source of information on adverse drug reactions reported in the literature during a 1-year period.
    Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    .... it continues to present the mass of adverse reactions data deluging from the medical press in a logical and orderly fashion. Each annual is comprehensive, easy to use, easy to read, and above all, authoritative. ... these books are so good and should be readily available to everyone who is concerned with the safe administration of drugs.'
    Trends in Pharmacological Sciences
    The book is now such a standard work that any recommendation from any reviewer would be largely superfluous; it will obviously join its earlier editions in scientific libraries wherever there is interest in drugs and their reactions. It is a valuable addition to a valuable series of reference works.
    Pharmacy International
    Together with Meyler from the same stable, this book is an essential reference source....Reports of adverse reactions to drugs are not easy to interpret, and for a balanced view clinicians would do well to keep to hand a cluster of Side Effects of Drugs annuals.
    The Lancet


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