SI Units in Engineering and Technology book cover

SI Units in Engineering and Technology


Published: March 1977

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-021278-4


  • (partial) International system of units (SI description): Basic SI units. Standard multiples and sub-multiples. Rules for multiples and sub-multiples. Quantities and units of mechanics. Quantities and units of periodic and related phenomena. Mathematical signs and symbols for use in technology. Derivation of important engineering units: Force. Stress and pressure. Work and energy. Power. Temperature. Derived SI Units in science and engineering: Applied mechanics. Mechanical engineering. Electrical units. Magnetic units. SI Units conversion tables (Arranged according to subject categories). SI Units conversion tables (Arranged alphabetically). Engineering data in SI units: Sectional properties of metals in SI units. Physical properties of important moulded plastics. Some important physical expressed constants in SI units. Some important non-SI units. Temperature coversion. Length conversion. Area conversion. Capacity. Mass conversion. Pressure conversion. Stress.


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