Shorter Course of Theoretical Physics, Volume 1 book cover

Shorter Course of Theoretical Physics, Volume 1

Mechanics and Electrodynamics

Largely a condensed amalgamation of two previous books by the same authors - Mechanics and The Classical Theory of Fields - omitting the rather more advanced topics such as general relativity.


Published: May 1972

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-016739-8


  • The physicist who is thoroughly versed in this 'minimum of material' will be well equipped.



  • (partial) Mechanics. The equations of motion. Conservation laws. Integration of the equations of motion. Collisions between particles. Small oscillations. Motion of a rigid body. The canonical equations. The principle of relativity. Relativistic mechanics. Electrodynamics. Charges in electromagnetic fields. The electromagnetic field equations. Constant electromagnetic fields. Radiation of electromagnetic waves.


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