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Shared Earth Modeling

Methodologies for Integrated Reservoir Simulations

Shared Earth Modeling introduces the reader to the processes and concepts needed to develop shared earth models. Shared earth modeling is a cutting-edge methodology that offers a synthesis of modeling paradigms to the geoscientist and petroleum engineer to increase reservoir output and profitability and decrease guesswork. Topics range from geology, petrophysics, and geophysics to reservoir engineering, reservoir simulation, and reservoir management.Shared Earth Modeling is a technique for combining the efforts of reservoir engineers, geophysicists, and petroleum geologists to create a simulation of a reservoir. Reservoir engineers, geophysicists, and petroleum geologists can create separate simulations of a reservoir that vary depending on the technology each scientist is using. Shared earth modeling allows these scientists to consolidate their findings and create an integrated simulation. This gives a more realistic picture of what the reservoir actually looks like, and thus can drastically cut the costs of drilling and time spent mapping the reservoir.

Reservoir Engineers, Geologists, Geophysicists, Students and Professors in petroleum engineering and geology departments, Simulation Engineers, Petroleum Engineers

Hardbound, 306 Pages

Published: July 2002

Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7522-2


  • Professor Fanchi's shared earth modeling approach is a cutting-edge simulation concept. ...I highly recommend the book for multidisciplinary petroleum science graduate courses in geoscience and petroleum land management, and for training other scientists and engineers not schooled in petroleum engineering. - Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, March 2004


  • Introduction to Shared Earth Modeling; Geology; Petrophysics; Well Logging; Geophysics; Fluid Properties; Measures of Rock-Fluid Interactions; Applications of Rock-Fluid Interactions; Fluid Flow Equations; Reservoir Characterization; Mapping; Well Testing; Production Analysis; Reservoir Simulation; Reservoir Management; Improved Recovery; Appendix A Reservoir Modeling Software; Appendix B Visualization Software; Appendix C Integrated Flow Modeling Software


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