Seven Deadliest Social Network Attacks


  • Carl Timm, CCIE, PMP; Regional Director of Security, Savvis, Inc.
  • Richard Perez

Seven Deadliest Social Network Attacks provides a comprehensive view into how social networking attacks have impacted the livelihood and lives of adults and children. The book is separated into seven chapters, with each focusing on a specific type of attack that has been furthered through the use of social networking tools and devices. These are: (i) social networking infrastructure attacks; (ii) malware attacks; (iii) phishing attacks; (iv) Evil Twin Attacks; (v) identity theft; (vi) cyberbullying; and (vii) physical threat. Each chapter takes readers through a comprehensive overview of a particular attack to demonstrate how it was used, what was accomplished as a result, and the ensuing consequences. Alongside examining the anatomy of the attacks, insight will be gained into how to develop mitigation strategies, including forecasts of where these types of attacks are heading. This book can serve as a reference guide to anyone who is or will be involved in oversight roles within the information security field. It will also benefit those involved or interested in providing defense mechanisms surrounding social media as well as information security professionals, those in the teaching profession, and all levels of professional management.
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Information security professionals of all levels; recreational hackers


Book information

  • Published: April 2010
  • Imprint: SYNGRESS
  • ISBN: 978-1-59749-545-5

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1 Social Networking Infrastructure Attacks

    Bringing the Social Networks to Their Knees

         What Happened to the Social Networks?

         Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks

         Owning the Social Network

         How Could This Happen?

    Saving the Social Networks and Ourselves

         The Floodgates Have Opened, What Do I Do?

         Beating the Bot

         Cutting the Strings


Chapter 2 Malware Attacks

    Malware Defined

         Understanding the Types of Malware

    Cross-Site Scripting Explored

         Dissecting Cross-Site Scripting

    Introducing Cross-Site Request Forgery

         Cross-Site Request Forgery Explored

    Protecting Yourself

         Mitigating Malware

         Mitigating Cross-Site Scripting Attacks

         Mitigating Cross-Site Request Forgery Attacks



Chapter 3 Phishing Attacks

    Phishing Attack Scenarios against Social Networks

         What Happened?

         How Did It Occur?

         What Were the Repercussions?

         Phishing Attack against MySpace

         Phishing Attack against Twitter

    How to Mitigate a Phishing Attack

         Take No Immediate Action

         Examine the Message

         Validate the Source

         Take the Offensive

         Safeguard Your Computers

         Ask for Help

    Future Outlook of Phishing Attacks



Chapter 4 Evil Twin Attacks

    Evil Twin Attacks Defined

         Creating the Evil Twin

    Protecting Ourselves and the Ones We Love

         Don’t Befriend the Evil Twin

         Don’t Become an Evil Twin



Chapter 5 Identity Theft

    The Art of Dumpster Diving

         Profile of an Identity Thief

         How Did Nelson Do It?

         Consequences of Stealing Identities

    Identity Theft via Facebook

         Identity Theft through Social Networking

         Clues to How Bryan’s Facebook Account Was Hijacked

         Repercussions of Having Your Facebook ID Stolen from You

    Methods to Prevent Identity Theft

         Avoid Password Reusage

         Have Secondary E-Mail Address Handy

         Shred Your Documents

         Limit Your Liability

    What to Do if Your Identity Is Compromised

         Freeze All of Your Assets

         Initiate a Fraud Alert on Your Credit Reports

         Notify the Local Police

         Notify the Federal Trade Commission

         Document and Retain Records!

         Continuously Monitor Your Credit Report

    The Future of Identity Theft



Chapter 6 Cyberbullying

    Cyberbullying Tragedy of Megan Meier via MySpace

         Why Was Megan the Target of Cyberbullying?

         What Was the Outcome of This Tragic Event?

    How to Deal with Cyberbullying

         Steps toward Fighting Cyberbullying

         Cyberbully Tools of the Trade

    How to Deal with Cyberbullying in the Gaming and Virtual Worlds

         What to Do about Griefers

    Workplace Bullying

         What Can Be Done about Workplace Bullying?

    What Is the Future of Cyberbullying?



Chapter 7 Physical Threats

    Physical Threats against Your Company

         Bypassing Physical Security Controls

    Protecting Your Company

    Physical Threats against Your Person

         Jasper Howard: Murder and Online Threats

    Protecting Yourself

         Take Action

         Notify the Attacker

         Notify the Appropriate Authorities

         Be Open to Suggestions

    Preventative Measures to Physical Threats

         Background Checks

    Future Outlook to Physical Threats on Social Networks